Customized Software Solutions for Radiology

With the increasing demand of Software Solutions, our company has made available these solutions to our clients in various specification. We offer Customize Software solutions which are widely used in radiology for various applications. The user-friendliness of these solutions have made them more appreciable and popular.

Customize Software

Our rhythm radiography customized softwares are utilized for radiology. These softwares are developed using latest and sophisticated technology. Other salient features and specifications are as under:


• Economical in terms of Time and Money due to electronic sending of information
• Shares information between workstations and locations as well as within the supply chain
• Advanced data sharing capabilities improve productivity and identification of problems related to quality leading to a reduction in production defects and better in-service asset management.
• Advanced image acquisition
• User friendly as it requires less training
• Data management and Review tools for all methods of X-ray testing including computed radiography, digital radiography and film digitization
• Automatic specific inspection tasks
• Application specific tools to ensure improvement in efficiency of process
• Advanced image review tools for all modalities including computed radiography, digital radiography and film digitization for improving efficiency and reproducibility
• Scalable architecture allowing the solution to grow in tandem with client's requirements
• DICOM/DICONDE compliance assuring no obsolesce of client's data
• Automated Report Generator