Laboratory X-Ray Inspection Systems (Digital)

We manufacture high grade X Ray Inspection Systems which are available in two distinct models including Multi Energy X-ray Inspection System and Desktop Security Inspection System. Our premium quality X Ray Inspection Systems are widely used for inspecting products and baggages in number of educational institutes, government institutions, post offices, airports, mall centers, multiplex theaters etc. Our range of inspection systems are available at reasonable rates.

Multi Energy X-ray Inspection System

Our baggage X-ray scanner machines are widely used for inspecting baggages in government institutions, post offices, mall centers, multiplex theaters, embassies conversion centers as well as schools. The unique features are as follows:


• Digital image processing
• Computerized graphics
• Efficient solid state detectors
• Designed for small packages
• Smart algorithms for high resolution image
• Superior image processing functions
• Self diagnostic system
• Installation process is simple
• Convenient to operate
• Easy maintenance

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Desktop Security Inspection System

Our robust and light-weighted HI-SCAN 6040ds system are used for security checks in entrance areas. The HI-SCAN 6040ds is Department of Homeland Security (DHS) certified under the Anti-Terror Technology provision of the Safety Act. The salient features are as follows:


• Tunnel Size of 24.4 in. wide x 16.5 in. high
• The system is film safe and can penetrate up to 30 mm of steel
• Using HI-MAT Plus, the scanned objects can be visualized as classified material groups for easy • • • identification of contents by operator
• Excellent technical feature set to ensure maximum inspection quality at minimum inspection time
• Can be used as a mobile inspection system for changing locations

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