VDIX 140 X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System

Vision VDIX140 X-ray Security Inspections system designed equipment for small package. The system combines the advantage of highly efficient solid state detectors, digital image processing, computer graphics and smart algorithms to provide the user with reliable high resolution image superior image processing functions and system self diagnostic VDIX140 X-ray Security Inspections system features simple installation, operation convenient and easy maintenance It is an ideal security inspection system to inspect small hand baggage in government institutions, post offices, mall centers, multiplex theatres, embassies conversion centers as well as schools.


Technical Specifications

Weight Approx.500 Kg
Dimensions 2320 (L) x 835 (W) x 1205 (H) mm
Tunnel size 615 (W) x 405 (H) mm
Resolution 0.1 mm of wire
Penetration 32 mm of steel
Dose per Inspection Less than 1 mSv
Radiation leakage Less than 2 mSv / h
Anode Voltage 140Kvp
Beam direction From Top
Beam divergence 80°
Cooling / Duty cycle Sealed oil cooling / 100%
X-ray sensor L shaped photodiode array
Gray Level 4096 (12 Bit)
Conveyor speed Approx. 0.2 m/s
Conveyor height / Max. load 680 mm / 100 Kg.
Conveyor Type Belt conveyor.
Conveyor running Bi direction
Power consumption 0.8 KVA