VMEX Multi Energy X-Ray Inspection System


Vision VMEX200 Multi Energy X-ray Security Cargo Inspections system for cargo equipped with the state of art x-ray imaging technology. It provides high resolution and ultra clear images for easy object identification with latest technology of computer control and image processing. The tunnel size allows inspection of large articles. It is ideal for security inspection at airports, customs, railway stations, seaports, wear houses, nuclear power stations, meeting locations, and other large sized goods. It can distinguish organic and inorganic materials by atomic composition of the material. It can detect explosives / drugs and realize threat image project function through adding different options. The operator can easily identify material with following coloring scheme:
Organic material : Orange
Inorganic material : Blue
Mixed material : Green
High density material : Red

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Technical Specifications

Weight Approx.500 Kg
Dimensions 7852 (L) x 2557 (W) x 2441 (H) mm
Tunnel size 1647 (W) x 1925 (H) mm
Resolution 0.1 mm of wire
Penetration 48 mm of steel
Dose per Inspection Less than 1 mSv
Radiation leakage Less than 2 mSv / h
Anode Voltage 200Kvp
Beam direction From Top
Beam divergence 80°
Duty cycle 100%
X-ray sensor L shaped photodiode array
Gray Level 4096 (12 Bit)
Conveyor speed Approx. 0.2 m/s
Conveyor height / Max. load 350 mm / 3000 Kg.
Conveyor Type Roller conveyor
Conveyor running Bi direction
Power consumption 3.0 KVA