OPG Systems :

A Generation Ahead!
The Vision OPG is designed keeping in view the priorities and the problems that you face in the X-ray clinic
Special Features
• Micro Processor based digital control panel.
• Electronic feather touch membrane keyboard.
   (Guaranteed for 1 million operations.)
• Convenient auto programme helps Doctor for
   better image quality.   
• Manual mode selection.
• Independent kVp, mAs display.
• Various voltage and timer setting options.
• X-Ray on audible tone.
• Mains on/off with overload circuit breaker.
• Automatic tube overload protection for longer
   tube life
• Motorised vertical mechanism – easier positioning,    better radiographic results.
The machine is ideal for X-Rays of OPG & Cephalometry
The panoramic exam employs an elliptical trajectory which allows to exactly follow the shape of the arch and obtain the best possible compromise between thickness of the focal layer, orthogonality of the projection and subject- to-image distance.
For child examinations you can select a dedicated program with optimized parameters to reduce dosage to patient as much as possible. Studies of the Paranasal Sinuses are also possible, using the included special chin support for patient positioning.
Vision OPG can be equipped with a cephalometric arm for skull studies and orthodontics. The installation of the ceph arm can easily be performed as a retrofit for units already in field. A dedicated diaphragm with soft tissue filter allows to enhance the patient’s contours in the lateral projections
TMJ – Temporo-Mandibular Joint
Vision OPG allows the study of disorders of the Temporo Madibular Joint with open and closed mouth, resulting in four images taken on the same film foe immediate comparison.
OPG Systems
OPG Systems
OPG Systems
OPG Systems
OPG Systems
Power Supply




  Panorama Cephalometry

Single phase

230 VAC+10%, 50 Hz

Focus film distance


158 cm (adjustable

Generator Rating


Exposure time         


0.2 to 3.5s



10mA at 55-80kVp

Over all dimensions

Film size


900      Length
1670   Width
2200   Height

15 X 30cm  20.3 X 25.4 cm

Total Filtration

2.8 mm Al



Flexible (Round)
Flat Cassette

Flat cassette

(CR. Compitale)

Positioning light

Lateral / Center

Target Angle



Weight 200kg   


Tube Current






Tube Voltage






Focal Spot Size

0.35mm X 0.5mm





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